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Agrivoltaics Modelling Software for Agricultural and Photovoltaic Production

Enhance your project success with precise agricultural and photovoltaic forecasting using our Agrivoltaics modeling software.
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How it works

Get instant access to a detailed report of your project and accurately model agricultural and photovoltaic production.

Project details

Enter your project details including array size, panel configuration, transparency, and more.


Run advanced simulations for your project and analyse and understand how your project will perform before installation.


Instantly generate a preliminary engineering analysis of your project including estimated agricultural and photovoltaic production.

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Modelling Agrivoltaic Solutions

Instantly visualise your projects potential with our cutting-edge agrivoltaics modelling software designed to accurately predict agricultural and photovoltaic production.

Power Generation & Crop Potential

Irradiance (W/m2) indicates the average solar energy per square meter over a predetermined timeframe or growing season. Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) indicates the average amount of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) that will reach the crop canopy level per square meter per second over a predetermined timeframe or growing season.

Dual Optimum Analysis

Find a balance between Power Generation & Crop Potential based on your specific PV system parameters.

Want to boost your agricultural and photovoltaic yields?

Frequently asked questions

Some common questions from project owners just like you.

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How accurate are the software's estimates?

Can the software model different locations and photovoltaic panels?

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